Saturday, December 10, 2022

4118 : Hey Love 2

 (Excerpted from another longer fictional piece, from within my repository)

I have never gotten used to the phone ever. I preferred meeting in person always. (Sometimes that is so unbeknownst of an introvert!!)

I was on the phone today and the network stood up on me. For a brief second, something in me wanted to say “heylow, heylow” in the singsong way I had perfected from the times when we talked often.

I caught myself just in that split second and returned to my regular “hello”.

You would always greet me with so much love, as if you were rolling your tongue and smiling at the same time. When I complimented you on this, you gave me this long rigmarole on why energy is important and blah blah……I was bored in that moment. Totally.

But…..even today, I would  give something precious to just call you, hear you say “Hello” with the tongue rolling….and then hang up. 

We both could play this game for hours. I would sign up for this. What stops us? My phonebook does not know you anymore Spin.

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