Friday, November 11, 2022

4074 : Down but still flying

Where I live today.
I often see two twin boys aged around 12.
With their mother and caretaker.

They are both part of Down's.
And yet, they walk and soar.
Their mother holds her chin up and rallies them.

Yesterday, I saw one of them playfully try and hug a similar aged girl.
The girl escaped. 
She was drowned in indignation.

I caught myself stealing glances at the mother.
In that moment, I thought I saw a crack.
Through that - what was, what is, what could be, and what will be.

The world is never what it seems.
The knife is sharp, but never enough.
The beauty is raw, but never in grasp.

Some of us will never see the silent beauty in the world around us.
Some of us feel down, when we are at our best.
Some of us feel the best, when we are Down's.

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