Thursday, November 10, 2022

4063 : What the hell are we fighting for ?

In the middle of a fight or a debate, if the civilities are lost - thats an indicator that the ground might be opening up. In the sense that the sinkhole is about to gobble you in.

Picture this. Someone you love deeply (or respect deeply at work), and you are in the middle of a heated conversation. You cough and struggle in the chat, but the person does not see it. He/she does not notice, and hence they dont offer you water or respite. 

And yet, till today morning, she noticed that you had a tiny scratch on your arms. So you know she can notice. We might always rationalise this saying this she really missed this.

Or picture this. In this same chat, the chat ends, and instead of the regular hug as you part ways, each of you just picks up the bag and walks away.

Somehow - this bothers me immensely. My sense is, if we did love each other (or care, or respect), then a debate in the present cannot destroy the years of goodness we have built into us. And yet, so often it does. Civility gets lost. Empathy is drowned. Compassion is a just another word.

If this happens one off, I can rationalise. When it happens often, you know the boat has sailed off the harbor. What remains is you holding the harbor anchor and assuming it is the boat.

It also kind of reminds me that some battles are only worth fighting for, if "we" still exist. If "we" are gone....then we are the Gods of War. "We" have become the battleground.

In this battle, I happily surrender. Looks like, I already lost eons ago.

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