Monday, October 31, 2022

4058 : The wisdom of not wanting

A lot of philosophy (and friends) tell me that I should not want more. My life is perfect.

And I often think - that if my conception of life's greatness is what my life is - then I must truly hate my life na. Makes sense?

Let me explain.

If everything in life is already there, then we have nothing to fight for. And that usually means we are in a good place already. If I don't fight for what better looks like (forget the monies, and the stupid worldly wealth,....but say better coffee (yes!!), or better love or better food......) then something is ghastly right?

Why live, if you are not fighting for better tomo?

Its a genuine question.

Life always happens at the edges. Not at the center. Live at the edges, and there is joy in being perilous.

Wise men say, not wanting is a blessing. For me, not wanting is also a curse. It settles you in a zone, where you do exist - but you don't live.

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