Monday, October 31, 2022

4057 : The wisdom of losing.

So today I have been alone. As I often prefer to be. I have not done much work too. Blame it on lack of Wifi and place to sit.
I have used the camera a bit, trudged along, survived without coffee, (oh yeah!!) and just contemplated on how to reboot myself.

So in recent months, many different folks have told me that I suck :-(. And when you have a few dear people tell you that, its like a suckerpunch. And what do you do in that scenario. Do you cradle yourself and say its ok to be sucky?

Or do you simper and whimper in your pit of crude?

I have struggled. And yes, God knows (whom I dont believe in) that I have grappled.

Sometimes the trick is to just put your head down and fight for a better tomorrow. And thats what I am going to go. 

Head down. Coffee up.

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