Sunday, October 23, 2022

4047 : Mothers are the best

So here is a happy memory.

Two young people of around 25 years (I am guessing) are friends. Both are men/boys. At least one of them, and his mom live in our apartment complex, that much I know of.

So picture this. Today both of them are sitting on a bench downstairs and talking. I am walking around. Their mom (who I know of, but dont know personally) returns from her morning walk, and ambles in from the gate. She sees them, and nonchalantly walks towards them. She smiles. And the other young man (who is not her son) is beaming, walks upto her with a giant beaming smile, and pinches her cheeks, both of them one by one. They hug and kiss (I mean on the cheeks).

And she giggles like a teeenage love lorn girl. She hugs both of them. I am guessing they are wishing each other Diwali.

For some reason, this warmed my heart so much.

In that minute, I wanted to be the mother, the son and the friend, all of three of them. 

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