Monday, October 17, 2022

4023 : What color is melancholy

A poet friend of mine posts on twitter, asking - what color is melancholy?

Got me thinking. 

Its easy to say its black, but melancholy is not that dark. It has curves where one can sonder. Its a kind of missing, that is fueled by the heart.

Definitely not colorful. A purple (as an example) is the not something I think of as melancholy.

White. Maybe. But then, melancholy is never that in your face. Its a creeping feeling that is there, but most of the times, we might not admit to it ourselves.

Brown. Coffee is where I goto when I am either missing or reminiscing. But then, thats personal.

So, back to the start. Color of melancholy?

Its a missing that syncs with the heartbeat. Its a collage of many shades that lament the possibilities of what could have been. For me, that empty nest, for which I grieve, can have only one color. 


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