Saturday, October 15, 2022

4021 : Singe me

That day, as they were eating our meal - she ordered piping hot jamuns. Something which he didnt like as much, but dont hate either. He did not even realise that the sweet was scalding hot.

He cut a small portion of it, and like any good lover, he offered it to her first. She opened her mouth - took it in and the color drained off her cheeks. That's when he realised his mistake. 

He almost froze, but quickly in a fraction, said, "spit to onto the plate". She kept nodding and gesticulating with the hand, eventually smiling as her eyes had begun to water from the physical stress. 

"Are you ok? I am so sorry. I should have checked.", he said.

"Yes....umph....umph.....cough cough.....yes, I am ok. Its fine."

"Do you want to rinse it down with water?"

She smiled her wicked smiled and said, "I would rather cool it down with a tongue."

He smiled sheepishly, too.

Today he is much older, and yet he knows if he got a chance, he would give up something precious to just sit with her - do exactly the same mistake again, extract a very similar response - and drown in that blue feeling of being so in love again. 

Footnote - He is addicted to Dylan, but does not trust him - "strike another match, go start anew.". He also knows that he is never going to find a "match" again.

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