Saturday, May 28, 2022

3922 : One step

Remember at the temple 
You and I walked in step

Sometimes you ahead
Sometimes my feet locked up

You said, I should pray to the Lord for "us"
Did I tell you - I am an atheist

And yet, I did pray
To a Lord, who does not exist

A wind blew against us
Your hair splayed like fire

At one point
You instinctively held my hand

You probably wanted some support
Or you thought I was going to fly away

I laughed and said "One step away"
"From total desire" 

Today, the roads are same
I have somehow reached a cul de sac

I definitely missed a step somewhere
Can we backtrack?

The Lord smiles at me
"Still an atheist?"

You are long gone
Today as the wind blew, I feel your hair again.

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