Saturday, October 30, 2021

3833 : Medhi Hassan

I must have heard about 1000 singers or even more in my lifetime. Spanning both Indian, Classical, Western, Pop....and the ilk.

And if I had to rate a voice - and the perfect notes, and the almost perfect pitch.

If there is a voice, which is divine personified....its Mehdi Hassan.

Ranjish hi sahi.....

Saturday, October 23, 2021

3832 : The falling man

I saw this visual 
Of a man falling from the sky
A free fall

Onto the earth
And then to ashes and dust
In all of about 3 seconds

What does a man falling
To his death
Think in his last 3 seconds?

Does he contemplate on death?
Or see his life pass by?
Or realize it was a half life

Maybe he knows
The game is over
And there are no lives left.

Time to shut the console down.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

3831 : The tin box

She met me as I was dying
And said "don't go"
That's an odd thing to tell someone
Who is already belted for the ride

I smiled and told her, the countdown has begun
"I have nothing to remember you by", she said

I am leaving you the tin box,
One that contains all my poems,
Hold them, read them,
Air them like you would air your sarees

These poems contain more of me
Than my everyday self did

They explore the vision,
They explode my war,
They decode my words,
They encode my journey

One day, long after today,
These papers will melt into dust

"These poems shall become mine, ", she said,
"I will appropriate them,
I could not lock you down ever,
This tin box shall be forever sealed."

Sunday, October 17, 2021

3830 : The long drive

Nowadays I ride solo
The roads still suck 
And yet, there is peace in riding
Into nowhere, into just air

The wind ruffles you
The wheezing sound muffles you
And the inner silence rumbles a bit

Strange demons get out
Those that you avoid
Like you avoided a path
During childhood to escape a bully

This bully, though, is in your house
|Is it a he or a she?
Let's call her a she
She is already living in with you
It's always been, in sin

She talks to you
Just like a lover would
Sweet nothings about sweet nothings
Until she wields the saber

And invites you to a talk
You wont win this walk
"I wont win" with her,
I know that

I submit. I clench in my defeat
The demon still plays
She still says and says
I still drive

This long drive to another place
This long drive to another time
This long drive away from the here
This long drive to the familiar.

3829 : Comments

Something is odd. I checked my comments section and see 100s of comments waiting for moderation.

Some spam, but some from real folks.

I am sorry - I will clear the backlog in a day or two and publish.

Keep writing.

3828 : We (a modern haiku)

We move away
One step at a time
Dance of singular.

Saturday, October 16, 2021

3827 : Meaning in a landlocked world

I know of someone
Who is incarcerated
In prison for life
Without the possibility of parole,

That means he shall die 
In that prison cell,
Or an equivalent prison cell

He is about forty-five today,
Has been in prison for five
Stares down another 40 years of prison

I would one day want to talk to him
A long leisurely chat
Where we talk about his crime
Or lack of it
His penitence,
Or the lack of it
Purpose in life
Or the lack of it
And finally, meaning
Or the complete lack of it.

3826 : Colors of this life

She sat across
Dressed in what was pink 
And yellow,

She spoke of an era
And of the bread today,
We debated about actors
Who are no longer around,
And yet, still very much around
Almost always around

Our own lives might be ephemeral
And yet she said "make the most of this gift"

Shooting conversations 
Into an empty room,
Into an infinite universe
Accompanied by everyday noisy vehicle sounds,

We smiled, we paused
And contrasted our lives

The still moments reminded me
In 50 years, neither of us will be around
Most likely,
No one will remember us too
Not in their every day, at least

And yet one fine Friday,
We laughed, and we definitely lived
Pink, Yellow, Purple
Life exists in all these colors

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

3825 : Punch above

I am old. I am mid aged. 

At an age, where you know, that there is lesser ahead than behind.

In the past 2 years I have discovered so many things in terms of tiny (but powerful) feedback, about myself. All of us carry this mighty picture of oneself, where we believe and assume that we are the best versions of ourselves.

I have slowly come to realise that some of me (or actually a large part of me) is not really even close to the best version of what I can or should be.

I am just a regular joe, who lucked out....especially with friends and family.

If you wait long enough, you see your heroes fall....If you hear patiently, you will see yourself fall.

3824 : Famous Grouse

One of my famous blocks is back....Writing block.

I need to find my feet on this writing thingy again.

Tuesday, October 05, 2021

3823 : Cutting out content

I have been reading a lot this year. Not finishing books - and hence my reading list post here is such a weak list.

Over 40 incomplete books. Shows my state of mind.

I have been off visual content. No more Netflix for me, not this year yet.

I do miss watching OTT somedays. I do want to be normal too :-).

3822: Reading List 2021 : #17 : Bullets over Bombay by Uday Bhatia

For folks who liked Satya as a movie (I did growing up), this book is such a rivetting read.

I came back with a renewed appreciation of movies. I want to go back to watching movies (stopped since Jan of this movies, no OTT). I cant seem to figure out time to accommodate this fun thing.

Do read it. Worth your time. 

Brings my 2021 read to 3970 pages.

Sunday, October 03, 2021

3821 : Reading List 2021 : #16 Little Bird by Claudio Donoso

If Claudio Donoso wrote a hundred books, I would buy all 100. 

She is so outstanding that I get goose pimples reading her.

She is 18/10 by a hammer and a hammer (:-)).

This brilliant book of short stories is like one of the best books that I have ever read.

Go for it.

At 112 pages bring my 2021 reading to 3764 pages.

Friday, October 01, 2021

3820 : Reading List 2021 : #15 First Person Singular by Haruki Murakami

I love Murakami and love this book even more. First Person Singular by Haruki Murakami is stellar. Recommended reading.

18 on 10.

At 240 pages brings my 2021 reading to 3652 pages.

3819 : Reading List 2021 : #14 The case for Keto by Gary Taubes

I finished this book and quite liked this. Its a great reminder of how screwed our diet is. I loved the book, but cannot implement much. And it sends me into this existential trap - why cant I do what is right?

At 304 pages brings my 2021 reading total to 3412 pages.