Thursday, September 09, 2021

3801 : The magic of Dolby Recordings

Take Madonna's Vogue and listen to it on your best earphones and speakers. This song is from 1990. Is a Dolby Recording.

Now close your eyes and press play.

Listen to the sound travel all around you (literally - this is 360 degree sound). This is from 31 years ago.

We have newer songs who dont have this soundstage. And now you know - this is how Dolby was so far ahead of others in the way it recreated sound.

I am listening to Vogue on LoFi (Spotify), now imagine listening to this on Apple Hifi or Tidal streaming.

And that my friends why music can be such a fun rabbit hole. Explore and have fun.

Fun Fact : Always choose a movie hall that has Dolby Atmos. It is worth the price you pay.

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