Sunday, September 05, 2021

3789 : Reading List 2021 : #12 : Salt houses by Hala Ayan

I just finished Salt Houses by Hala Hyan

Its a strange book. The first half is a slow build up, the second half sucks you in.

Its about 3 generations facing war and conflict. There is a human story here, though the characters could have been more developed. More well formed.

I liked this immensely. Made me very introspective on what identity and belonging mean in this ravaged world. 

I also liked it, that the book forces you to inspect your own understanding of the world around you. 

On a scale of 10, maybe a 9. Definitely a spell binding read. Especially the second half. 

Do grab it.

At 320 pages brings my 2021 total to 2692 pages.

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