Wednesday, July 28, 2021

3519 : In no man's (happy) land

Imagine you and I are neighbours. I construct a 2 floor house on my land, that presumbly obstructs your light and air flow. My intention is not to shaft you, but thats how it unfortunately comes out. 

You are very happy with my choice. You complain to the town managers. I am served a notice. They ask me to raize a floor of my house. 

I grudgingly do it, but in a way, that makes the whole place look ugly. 

I also complain about trees on your land. They are an invitation to monkeys.


Goes on. 

We are both never happy. All we do is define our happiness in the context of another person's land. The world is now a much more unhappy place - for both me and you.

And the earth tumbles in its pool of entropy.

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