Monday, July 26, 2021

3516 : The last dirge

You have always look at me with a question. I don't blame you for it. I am a difficult enigma (maybe the word should be knot, rather than enigma....enigma makes it sound nice). Its hard being with a person who does not talk much. It harder being in the same room as me. Its hardest being in the same conversation as me.

I know. I wilt. I brow my forehead.

Your questions have been my bane. Why? When? Who? Why not? How much? Will you? When will you? I dont mean for that sound as a complain or a refrain. You had every right to ask those questions.

And I have stillness and quiet in these times. 

Today morning I learnt something about myself. Today, I am ready to answer all your questions. 

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