Sunday, July 25, 2021

3511 : I am obsessed with sound

So I invest a lot into earphones and speakers.  Those are just like books. One out of 5 or even 10 fires. The remaining 9 are an investment into your education.

But as the sound your ears, you can listen to more instruments. And feel the blush. (Yes blush is the word I used).

Reason for this post - thinking of indulging.

My test songs would be 

1. Malyali Da

2. Herb Alpert's Rotation (or Rise)

3. Dirty Diana

4. Some RD number like Jaane kya baat hain (from Betaab) or Hum Tumse Mile from Rocky

Confession - I already have something in mind. Vaccilating between shooting the "buy" button and shooting myself.

Ha ha :-). I wonder how my spouse or kid even tolerates me. Maybe they love "Malyali Da" thumping through the roof too :-)

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