Friday, June 25, 2021

3450 : In all shapes

This story might highlight a classic failing of us, or me. Our desire - to constantly fit in, make other fit in, and to classify.

So on my walk in the complex, I sometimes encounter this couple, both in their 30s. They are very "richly dressed". The casualness that comes with money. They are both carrying some sort of laptop sleeve, so you know they are on some sort of work or assignment.

Almost every time I see them walking from some place (have to figure where), towards a particular spot where they park their car. They walk slowly, measuredly. They are talking all along. Once they reach the car (and its their car, more on that later!!), they put their stuff out on the bonnet or the top of the car. 

On most days they stand near the car and talk. Now sometimes they also smoke. On some other days, only he man spokes, and the girl does not. 

My walk takes me through the point every 10 minutes. On days, I have passed them 4 times, so about 30-40 minutes.

Once, I have also seen them open the car, take the front seats and then gingerly drive off. So its their car, sure of that.

About them - they have the comfort of two deep intellectual friends. If they were just work colleagues, that would shallow (I mean the intellectual comfort). Maybe they are in a startup together, but still their comfort is way too endearing. They could be lovers, but I don't think they are. Are they fab friends? Could be, but they don't laugh enough together. Also, sometimes the girl naturally extends her hand (they stand facing each other) on the other's shoulder, as if to take support. She is shorter than him, so looks at an acute angle into him. They look deep into each other's eyes as they talk. Could they be siblings? Unlikely. Married already? Almost impossible :-).

See - what I mean - this desire to classify - to force fit them into a structure. I have obviously made a lot of mental notes on this topic, which I should ideally needn't have, though I enjoy these sojourns.

Finally, one other thing which also intrigues me is - if it is their car, and it indeed is, then why don't they just dump their stuff inside, as soon as they reach it. They can still smoke, talk - whatever. I would not keep my iPad on the boot or the bonnet. That's very odd. 

I look forward to seeing them. There is so much everyday life teaches us. Especially about lack of shapes.

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