Thursday, May 13, 2021

3326 : Dad who loves cricket

I have this vivid memory of my father - almost 42 - very ill. He had taken a break from work for over 3 weeks. He was ill with Asthama.

And in those days, some test matches playing out. At 7, I did not understand much of cricket. So I not interested in the DD channel. 

We have a black and white television.

Since he is at home, I don't have to be at the daycare (yay!!).

He feeds me, gets me ready for school and a local help would drop 7-8 students to school. (I remember help's name) - Patkar "uncle" - he one cycle - and he would make 4-5 kids hop on it, and if he could not drive, he would walk all the way (pushing the cycle) till school.

I can visualize those days vividly. And I do silently thank my parents every single day. They were the best one could hope for.

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