Friday, April 23, 2021

3268 : The politics of identity

A lot of folks think that Modiji will now face the heat, given their lack of execution around COVID and the lack of preparedness for the country.

My view is a little different. One he has over 30% of the vote share if I understand my demographics right. He has been elected to reinforce the privilege of upper-caste Hindus, and their belief that they are under attack from various forces.

To be fair to Modiji, he understands that segmentation really well - and he is delivering to that segment. He is on the ball for most of their goals and agendas. 

If I was in the upper caste Hindu segment, I would give him an 8/10 on performance.

So - will a failing economy, or COVID, or anything else - impact his vote share. I really don't believe that at all.

So unless something happens to him, he is going to be our leader for a long time.

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