Tuesday, April 20, 2021

3263 : Country juxtaposed with the organization

We have a raging pandemic. We would call in any organization (if it were a proxy for a country) a Level-1 incident (typically means all hands on deck).

As this pandemic kills people due to the inefficiency of the system (like lack of beds, lack of oxygen, etc), I have people I know who are dying. 

This pandemic is no longer a number, its names. I know people who have died.

This is the context.

Some of our administrators are doing stuff like commentating on cricket or administrating cricket - WTF is happening? Or some are busy with elections?

Would we do the same in our capitalistic organizations? Like we have a Level-1 incident, could I take a break and do a Ted Talk? How will that be viewed?

Could I order a new cabin for myself? Will even last hours at my firm if I do such foolishness?

Why do organizations work, versus sometimes larger bureaucracies fail?

Because we have a CEO who reports to the board. We have a public market that can vote you down (in terms of stock price). When in a democracy, we reduce or eliminate checks and balances - we lose the central mojo. We lose our ability to focus on what is the collective good.

Even elected officials should be capitalistic. They have to win again in the next election, but when they feel they can control the levers that control the outcome of the future......it creates a dystopian game.

Am I complaining about a single person? Not really. We elected these officials. I cannot blame them at all. I don't blame anyone. Really don't.

As a passive observer, this dystopia is hard to watch and assimilate.

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