Sunday, April 18, 2021

3258 : Being on twitter is like being on a rabbit hole

In these times, just the amount of pain and sadness that is there on Twitter - is quite overwhelming.

And yet, I want to be part of this movement. I want to be able to assimilate this time, this era.....a time and place where we are seeing the best of people and the worst of people.

Complete strangers are helping others. And our own friends, leaders, and sometimes family are (sometimes) completely absent.

I am fascinated when someone says, I will take care of you (a complete stranger) and puts his/her life at risk to deliver food/medicines and other critical care for others.

I am also genuinely so overwhelmed by the medical staff. Doctors/nurses and the ilk - I can't fathom what drives and motivates these folks other than a sense of immense internal purpose.

Summary of this rambling post - I am so tempted to leave Twitter or mute it for the next few days - but it will take a very essential human experience from my lifespan. Also, the reason I spoke of good doctors and samaritans, why do they exercise the choice to live through this pain and help. Its definitely an innate calling.

I want to try and help too. I do try and connect 1-2 people to some need of theirs. I hope one day to do much more.

Totally rambling post - call it post vaccine trauma :-)

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