Thursday, April 08, 2021

3231 : Us vs them

Today on Twitter, I heard someone say that we should prioritize vaccine (supply & administration) by the amount of tax-paying that we each do - or something similar to that effect.

I also have some acquaintances who have mouthed similar views.

There is a sense of entitlement because "I am doing" something for the nation. Is that exactly what we grudge others too - when they do it? Why does Ambani have a separate line at Tirupati. Because of his wealth, but we grudge him that, right?

The challenge of these biases (let's call them privilege) is that you cannot unsee them once you see them. Ever. 

It has taken me forever to see my own failings. I now know how broken my personal construction of the world around me is.

Egalitarian, equalist - these are fundamental values - we should all hopefully aspire for. The world does become a little more beautiful and happy when it is equitable.

It's also more ego-leveling. Makes us realize that we are the same. Everywhere.

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