Monday, March 29, 2021

3199 : Intellectual giants

When I see/read/listen to the intellectual giants of today's time (like Max Tegmark, or Musk, or Peter Thiel, or Scott Adams, or Balaji S, or Eric Weinstein, or even someone like Dalai Lama).....I am so humbled and littled.....

They are so smart, so effusive, such strong analytical skills. I tell myself, I want to be like them, and one day I hope to race along their swim lane.

Also - a lot of these giants muck up your mind - they challenge your notions - like Eric helped me question my own implementation of fkall "cancel culture" or Thiel helped me see why my opinion on Modi/Trump might be plainly wrong.

Recognize an honest intellectual for her ability to put facts in front of you, and muck up your mind.

Unlike an idiot Godmen who will say mumbo jumbo that sounds esoteric, these giants will throw a truck full of facts at you and get you all confused (in a good constructive manner)

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