Monday, March 29, 2021

3197 : To eat meat or not...

This debate (meditation) has been at my heart for over two decades and I must admit that I vacillate, and I don't have a great answer in either direction. The more I dig into food chains (and supply chains), the lesser I know.

Today one person on Twitter (watched Seaspiracy) and then went on to lecture the rest of Twitter about sentient beings, non-violence, how Jains are fit, the carbon footprint of meat, why milk is also not ok (but allowed), and the rest of the ilk.

These are superficial arguments, and if I were, to be honest - a bucket full of nonsense. Every single of the arguments can be debunked if vigorously investigated.

Am I advocating meat? Not really. I don't have a stand. I wish I had one.

But I know what I don't know.

If I had to choose between the evils of grains (agriculture grains and lentils) vs the evils of meat - I would probably choose meat.

In any intellectual debate, I have learned to have an open starting position, but one has to have the hunger and desire to know more. To recognize that what we know is not enough.

Confront your biases. It's incredibly hard, but one immensely rewarding journey. 

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