Saturday, March 27, 2021

3192 : #41 by Dave Matthews Band

If you like Jazz, you must absolutely listen to #41 by Dave Matthews Band.

If you want to know what jazz improvisation looks like - this is the song. It descends into complete mad chaos in the middle of the journey, before recovering in the last parts for pure magical bliss. 

Version to search on Spotify 

1. DMB Europe 2009 21 min version.

2. Live at Wrigley Field, Chicago

Play it on a well-balanced soundstage (treble, tweeter, woofer). And sing along loud if you want to :-)

I swear by now I am playing time

I against my troubles

I am coming slow but speeding

Do you wish a dance and while I am in

In the front

The play on time is won......

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