Thursday, March 25, 2021

3179 : The level of discourse

The level of discourse in Twitterverse is abysmal. It really is. To see our politicians and their ilk - talk and say things - makes me wonder - when, where, and how did we lose the plot.

Not just to blame the politicians..... 19-year-old fools are rushing in. They are vicious. 

I will never understand indignation. 

Indignation is the easiest way to shut me up, and off.

I use Twitter to learn science, programming, and of course books. Love the new ideas - but nonsense does creep into my TL every now and then, and I know if a person's one post is nonsense, it's a good chance, he (has to be a he) is a full-blown ass.

I use the mute/block button incessantly on twitter.

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