Monday, March 22, 2021

3170 : Anti democracy

 I am a liberal (in my beliefs), but I find twitter's liberals strange. They rant and raze Modiji. That makes no sense to me.

They make fun of his English or drama. Again makes no sense to me.

He is playing to the gallery. And his constituency loves him. They not only love him, but they love Amitbhai and the whole gang.

The question is - who elected them?


How much did they corner (vote share)? 

Possibly around 30%

Are they the largest constituency? 

Yes. That's my belief.

My point is, they are the legitimate leaders of this country. Just like Biden is, Stalin was and Imran Khan is.

If we disagree we need to disagree on policies - not with him - but with our fellow countrymen. Start a new journal or blog or newspaper.

If we disagree we can do it with ideas - but not by ridiculing him as a person or his English or his attire or his peacocks. Light-hearted fun or standup is perfectly fine. Let's do a Jon Stewart on him. But doing a vitriol-based indignant attack - is truly weird and makes all of us as humans smaller.

He is democratically elected, and he deserves our respect. He will always have my respect.

I disagree with most of his policies, but I also recognize that I am in no position to influence him or even my own family.

Hence I choose to remain apolitical.

Finally, if we still feel Modiji is a mistake - then question the democratic setup and its machinations. I'll give an analogy. Don't question the winner of The Super Mario game......question the game. No sense in questioning a skilled winner.

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