Thursday, March 18, 2021

3155 : Ray Bradbury There will come soft rains

This came via Twitter (Thanks to Prof Gaurav Sabnis :-)).

I had not read this story. I read it and was quite genuinely moved. It's essentially a story where all the humans have long gone, but systems are working - tick tock tick tock. It's eerily calming and eerily frightening. If you have read Rama from Arthur C Clarke.

It's in that territory.

While this is metaphorical and allegorical, the real tryst could still come calling.

The powers to be could still come one day for each of us. Today they seem to be attacking the "others". But one day, they will come for us. Just like how the society crept towards decrepitude during Hitler's Germany. There is every chance we in our wisdom will look at ourselves as better. 

And in that same wisdom (or lack of it), we might lose the humility and the plot.

I am afraid of the future, but I also know that humans can survive a lot of difficult conditions. There is Viktor Frankl who gave us that hope.

I hope I have that strength.

Somehow Ray Bradbury's story got me into this rabbit hole. It triggered me.

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