Sunday, March 14, 2021

3141 : Most of modern life....

 I love watching other people. Not in a creepy way, but in a Seinfeld sort of way. I love to imagine what the wife is telling the husband as they are walking. What so engaging that she is trying to make him see.

Or when two friends on a dinner table are heated debating. Or even more (as in more than 2). It's fun. You can start predicting people, their views, and if the dinner is more than a decent time (say an hr) you can even predict their values. 

I often bet about this with whoever is on my table. And the bet is on something measurably. Like when they leave (the other table), the girl in the center won't look at the server in the eye and thank him/her. In all probability, she won't thank them at all.

And I usually win. And I enjoy this voyeurism. It makes me more tuned to the games I probably play myself with others.

The entire modern world is built on selling, posturing, and not being yourself. There are very few places where you are allowed to be yourself. Or you allow yourself to be yourself :-).

And that bothers me. I like a few podcasts exactly because the people on the show are being themselves to a large degree. Broken, unstable, and yet brilliant.

I recognize my own brokenness....I also recognize my love for life. My almost unfettered love of life.

As I often say, I don't want to die. Never. Ever.

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