Sunday, March 14, 2021

3140 : The polarization

 One of the things that intrigue me about our lives is polarized the "average" human being has become in the past few years. Both in the US and India.

And the more I investigate, the more I read, my suspicion is almost confirmed, that social media is fuelling this fire.

Social media eases "friction" (its an illusion all the same) in two ways:

1) Dishes our pop summary and hence makes it easier to make you feel that you have understood your subject.

2) Reaction is just 140 chars away.

The ease of reaction brings the worst of our innate instincts. The "lower version of ourselves". We unleash it, without realizing it, that that social media is now a reflection of how flawed I am/we are.

The like button and if someone also added a thumbs down button - is all we need to opine on a complex nuanced, context-rich topic.

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