Saturday, March 13, 2021

3137 : Space and degrees of freedom

I was talking to a friend and was explaining to her my concept of space. I am a true-blooded libertine. I believe personal space and freedom (as long as it does not infringe) are sacrosanct and sublime. 

And every single time - either in personal relationships or at work - if I feel my personal space is either being compromised or cramped up - I then default to space, that is way minimum.

Like if I see a person vacillate between conflicts. E.g. Today please don't eat prawns, because my faith won't allow - and tomo lets eat lobsters because they look yum. I can't do either - because I struggle with how my choice of prawns impact you....but I love you....and if it bothers you sometimes - I will respect you - but I find it hard to balance it this way - I would rather not eat prawns at all.

Sounds totalitarian and sounds absolute, but you see the challenge....I am struggling with..... it's hard for me to juggle my choices based on my "second-guessing" your mood of the day.

I prefer to eliminate conflict from my life, both personal and work. And I will choose either the entire expanse of space or the bare minimum I need.

Those are the only two modes I know how to operate.

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