Thursday, March 11, 2021

3131 : Fragility

One concept in life that always pulls me in - is how fragile not just our life is, but the entire construct of modern living is too.

Take as an example - Rajat Sharma (yes, the astute + possibly infamous Mckinsey leader). He is and always was a hero, for all that he achieved. I don't mean to condone his sins, he has always denied it fully....but I am not a judge either to opine on that.

Irrespective of his crime (which is clearly a white-collar financial crime), I think the past before that was outstanding. Was something that only some of us everyday soldiers can ever hope to that. That sort of a run is the equivalent of scoring 20 runs per over for over 50 overs. Of course, then at the end of it there is a possible shadow that you also had piece of metal in your bat. Possible.

The post is about fragility. We let one single mistake, take away all good from a person. Wiped clean. Khattam shud. We deal in binaries. Also, I distinguish between a white-collar crime and let's say a rape. Both are crimes, but one is an act of selfishness for money, and the other is a selfish act full of violence. Also in the latter, there is enough feedback, someone hopefully is telling you/reminding you that you should not be committing such a crime.

Versus if I see a wallet and am tempted to steal a 20USD bill, it's still wrong, but no one is reminding me that there is a possible price to pay, more importantly, that it's an ethical breach.

Get the drift?

One mistake, one strike, and your life is down. All hands on deck. I have faced it twice myself. In my case, the second time, it was not even a real mistake - it was a "failure". (Of course, I have failed....who says I am immune :-)). The first time it was a "mistake". (Mea culpa!!)

(Second time) In my case, it was compounded by my own hubris. "I cannot but score a "century" in every innings". Today when I look back - the "failure" was necessary, but a very expensive price to pay for my jack and jill moment. 

I lost a lot of my cred, especially in that little incestuous circle, I also lost friends or those who I counted as friends. 

Today many years later, I have "real" friends, I have a much much better career, much better physical and mental heath - but I often ponder - if this is the world which my daughter is getting into - she has my genes, she will pay a price too - one day....and the fragility of that day (I might not see it), humbles me.

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