Tuesday, March 09, 2021

3126 : Mortality 2

On certain days as I contemplate renowned folks who I respect (like Dennis Ritchie, Buddha, Feynman....and have a long list).....I often wonder is life more than a game console....where is the only game in town that is to do as much as you can....but when your 3 lives (or 1 life in our example) are over.....we all go back into the runtime. 

Extinguished, remembered by some other objects for some time - who are holding "lazy" references to you ("lazy" means a link which is no longer active....but the holder does not know it)....in some cases we still refer to the cached version.....

But eventually, the person and her memory is gone.

It's a depressing thought but really bothers me immensely. On some days, if not all.

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