Saturday, February 27, 2021

3103 : This blog

Ha ha :-)

This blog has given me more than my share of conflict and judgments. (I mean passed upon me).

I get beaten by folks who read this :-)

Don't misunderstand me. This blog is me. But its a sliver of me. And this blog is/was never meant to cast judgments on others. At best I sometimes have some wicked/evil humor.....but I dont think I have ever launched a mean-spirited attack on anyone/anything....including anything political.

And yet the grief I get on various items on this blog is almost funny.

And it's not trolling, because that would be funny.

This is serious philosophical mindfk :-(

This blog is nothing more than a journal to one day show my daughter - how broken (and possibly human) her dad was. 

This is a blog with an intended audience of "1" and that's her.


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