Saturday, January 23, 2021

3083 : Its not me.

 It's very easy to confuse an author with her book. Actually not "confuse" but "conflate". 

And yet, it happens all the time. Individuals are conflated with their work. As an example, (and I know I will get trolled for it), but there is a good chance, that Amit Shah is a good family man, maybe a very warm family man.....and not the hardnosed strategist that we see of him every day.

I get my posts in my blog often leading to assumptions of how I am. This blog is my journal. Its a window to my self, but just a sliver of it. Essentially written so that my daughter can use this as a growing up guide when she reaches her twenties.

I want her to know that her dad was fallible and yet keen-minded. 

And yet, at least 3-4 times in a month - I correct someone about an assumption they made about me.

This is me, but this is not "all of me". I am much much more than this blog. Much more layered than this unidimensional blog can ever be.

Final words. Learn more about me from here. Do bring it up, especially if we have common interests (Jazz, classical, whatever :-)). Make some assumptions about me, that is fine too....But.....Totally conflating this (blog) with me assures me that you are inherently either lazy or quick to judge or both. 

Don't be lazy :-). Grab for me a drink. I shall show you the real me, make it worth your while. Always open.

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