Tuesday, October 27, 2020

2994 : Laws of attraction

 She asked, "Do you remember Paula Abdul".

"Of course, I do. I am in my 40s and I am proud of it.", he laughed and then added, "I do know of FYC (Fine Young Cannibals) too and Pet Shop Boys.".

"Stop...show off....I liked her one song....called Opposites Attract".

"Fantastic number. And Paula looked (and sounds) like she is having fun through the song.".

"Do you agree?"

"Agree to what? That she was fun?"

"Aiyoo no...thoo!!, but that opposites attract".

"Yes and no."

"Pray explain."

"When you are younger, you seek difference, you seek to stand out.....you tend to celebrate diversity. As you grow older, you realize that was just your hormones playing tricks on you. Its great for reproduction and genetics."


"In your fifties (very late I agree), you realize that similarity and congruity drive harmony. The best marriages or partnerships are those between aligned souls. Diversity leads to divergence....till, at some point, there is a neat single shard of a crack."

"So. We are different or similar? I mean we are cracking or coalescing :-)?"

"Hard to say. I think the impact of the Big Bang is still around. We are all specks on a balloon. Constantly expanding away. Till one point when the speck stretches so much, that what is left is just space and memory."

"Why so serious?"

"Nothing. It's a time war out there :-)".

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