Thursday, October 08, 2020

2961 : Zen is a weapon of harakiri

 The more I seek, the more I know.

The more I know, the more I am crumpled.

The more I am crumpled, the more I see.

The more I see, the less I can unsee.

Get my drift? What I am seeing in myself is like entering a haunted house full of chambers. I am truly getting nightmares (on some nights) on what I have become.

Satori - I dont know.....but I do feel like my vision has expanded to 360 degrees. I can see whats in my past, for that it really is.

One day I hope to win my battles. And I promise I shall write about those, both here as well as in a book. 

On the positive side, is this making me a better person both intellectually (at work) and with friends (emotionally).....yes....I think so. So thats one positive spin out of this.

I would not wish this inner journey on someone (not yet), not unless I have seen how this ends :-)

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