Sunday, September 27, 2020

2950 : Massively multiplayer game(s)

 I was talking to someone who thinks she is great at MMOG (massively multiplayer online games).....And that I of course massively suck at this genre.

As I took a step back, I realized that we are all in an MMOG as participants. Risk, timing, and our own effort guide so much of our outcomes. Lets call this MMOG "The Game of Life".

I have had more than my fair share of luck (fortuitous timing) and an even keen of atrocious mistakes and timing.

I have lost a great deal in this small life of mine.....and yet....I look back and recall (now with some wisdom), that there is very little I control other than my own effort. The rest depends on what the remaining 8 billion participants are doing in the MMOG.

And (reminding again) I massively suck at MMOG.

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