Monday, September 21, 2020

2940 : Everyone is meditating too (similar to hustling)

I met someone yesterday who is going to meditate 45 mins per day (sit down meditation using Nichiren Buddhism...chanting and focus). She thinks it will get her to a better place. I am sure it will help her. Its better than doing nothing.

It will definitely slow her down, which is great. It will give her a better perspective.


Overall, what we meditate the key. I come from the J Krishnamurti school of life, which believes that formal meditation might mean nothing more than a few more minutes of slowing down....real mediation is increased awareness, is increased mindfulness, and absolutely knowing that some of what we do is hugely sub-optimal.

What have we become? We have converted our utmost personal inner journey into a public menace of palm slap :-)

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