Sunday, September 20, 2020

2935 : The sliding game

Convenience and desire is an absolutely sure way to keep moving (away from) the "values" in your life. Let me give an example - for most parts of my recent life - I like to be a vegetarian, but I eat eggs - and I justify it saying "eggs are sterile". I drink tea with milk, I eat cheese.....See the dissonance?

I eat fish oil Omega 3 regularly....and every single day....I tell myself I need it for my "weak" heart.

Get the drift?

Every time we dilute our values, we move the slider. The slider moves "me" away from an authentic value-driven life - leads to roots of unhappiness....and yet it moves me closer to power, wealth, and earthly goodness.

Very difficult choice....but I see the slider move every single day. And move away from my authentic values. 

We all choose whats "in it" for us. And that road is a valve. It does not allow backtrack :-).

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