Saturday, September 19, 2020

2934 : What are we upto?

 I sit amongst so many hustle chats, and most chat I pretty much have with my friends seems to be "someone" or "they themselves" making it big.

This script has many potentially falterings. One it usually makes most of us (makes me definitely on certain weak days) feel very inadequate. 

Second, it also makes money the bellwether indicator of almost everything in life.

Third, and most importantly it makes all of us travelers, on the road to somewhere far, but most of us are walking the path between earth and the moon. Hard, difficult, and tiring....and to what point?

I had another hustle chat today. And I felt lonely, alone, and totally zoned out. I don't belong here.

I love my job, and I find immense meaning in what I do. I do love (and have immense gratitude) for the monies I have. Do I need more? A little more....but that's about it. I could conversely do with a little less too.

The hustle continues nevertheless.

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