Saturday, September 19, 2020

2931 : The more you open your eyes, the more you shall see

 Metaphorically, yes (I mean the title).

On a more serious note, the more you can open your mind to see through what "does not make sense", the more you shall see.

Like for example, I see no reason to support a ritualistic temple. No, it's not the liberal in me speaking. It's political too. We are not longer a political landscape (similar to 3000 years ago), which depends on pagan gods and rituals that help concentrate power. Today I live in an Instagram and meditation app age.

Why cant marriage rituals are visualized as an app that helps me follow through, instead of a class inducing process that recognizes a priest for what he is not....he is only human....probably more fallible than each of us.

The challenge though of opening your eyes (and assimilating) is - once you see, you cannot unsee. And that's the curse of these mild forms of satori. 


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