Thursday, September 17, 2020

2926 : Its hard on your soul

 To find meaning in a broken relationship. 

It saps you out.

Good relationships focus on outcomes, and broken ones are the ones who felt dissonance with the outcomes. Once you have seen the dissonance, its very hard to unsee it.

Recovering or solving a relationship - never does work in the immediate term, and never without space.

The ones who recover from an estrangement (amongst blood), or in extreme cases remarrying (or living in again) are usually the ones who had the accidental foresight to completely walk away, then naturally, transform with years, and then come back to discover their own broken fitment/contribution to the "original" relationship. 

As an example, I estranged from my mom for some years, but some space and time allow both of us to heal - and today we value each other immensely. We have more unconditional love and care for the other.

Of course, time and space don't always heal. In some cases, we sometimes can never heal. And that is incredibly hard too.

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