Wednesday, September 09, 2020

2917 : On a day like today....

 I wonder how a country of a billion bays for the blood of media trial participants. I don't know (or have a way to know if Rhea is innocent), but I do know that a society that can treat their women like this - it's no surprise that we such abysmal levels of peace and happiness.

In terms of maturity and evolution, we have as much maturity as a gorilla who has been caged all his life and is just hitting puberty - get the drift - we are bloodthirsty, always angry, and always externalizing our own angst. 

I am also widely disturbed by the naked politics of our world today. rigged Mail-in ballots, trial by media, racial bigotry by religion(s) and race lines - and all of this being practiced by the largest democratic institutions in the world - not by some fringe extremist nutters. 

1984 missed its arrow by 36 years, but also underestimated the horrors by a factor of 10x. Feedback for your dear Mr. Orwell.

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