Saturday, September 05, 2020

2903:The tiger who mews

I left Wall Street 4 years ago. Hugely successful and with a distinct chip on my shoulder.

Even in the first few months just after, I believed and assumed that everything I touch will become gold. 

Its taken 4+ years of deep down introspection - to tell me how little I know of the world around me. Digital marketing, product development, statistics and analytics, understanding a real business.......each of these have been a revelation. 

While I have done/helped/been part of startups, nothing prepares you to acknowledge your own lack of depth - except experientially you jumping into the pool.

And then bleddy realise that the pool is still sterile (and you are already struggling). There is an ocean out there....In the ocean, the tiger's stripes are worth nothing. The shark's incisors rule that part of the planet.

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