Sunday, August 16, 2020

2887 : The mirror

I never believed it until I experienced it. Only when you experience, what you consider as a setback (say a diagnosis of cancer as an example, for some), only then, and possibly only then, do some of us take a step back and re-examine our lives.

What we learn from our examination is never good or bad. It is.

It shows us the mirror. 

At least for me this works.

In the last 4 years, I have had my share of hitting a wall. I have of course become hugely introspective due to it - turning, twisting, re-examining my life from every peephole.

The journey has been rewarding....and the Buddha always said, only when you hit a wall, do you break your own walls and approach the true nature of reality. Seems to work in my case.

And yet, my mind craves (and yearns) to go back to a time and place - when life was uncomplicated when I was abstracted from reality when I yearned for the basics in life, was possibly very low on self-awareness?

If the Buddha is right, and we indeed need to peel our lives like an onion, till we reach our core - then I wonder, why my body struggles so much with this process?

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