Saturday, August 08, 2020

2880 : A million or more dead

So our Municipal managers (BMC for Bombay) came in and sprayed bleach into all our premises. They sprayed high into the air. 

I live in a first-floor house with a 50 sq feet permaculture garden. This small garden easily has more than 20-50000 insects - worms, snails, centipedes. 

I am afraid at least a few of these would have die with this bleach nightmare.

They also sprayed this across all our building apartment gardens.

They must have easily killed a million sentinel beings just in our building.

And why are we doing this? To save us, humans, from COVID (with a good dose of bad science - bleach does nothing conclusive to protect against COVID).

In my Buddhist scheme of things, this is a Karmic nightmare.

This is the post !!

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