Saturday, August 08, 2020

2878 : Is this happiness?

Over time I have slowly devolved. Like once upon a time I would drool on fast cars (still do), but now I have reached a stage I have come to a point where I would not spend too much money on a car, just for its kicks. I would still do that for a bike though :-).

I would not spend time or money on too many clothes. In fact I try and be as plebian in clothes as possible. I still know what dapper means and understand it, but I am almost trying to be on the first steps to becoming an urban monk. I know it sounds like Kayne West saying, he is regular at Vipassana. Just as ridiculous.

I have slowly given up good watches, my obsession with fine writing instruments, my love for good art, which is expensive (invariably).


I still spend money on one thing. Good music. (Coming up is a subscription for Tidal soon, but more on that later.)

Indulgence alert. 

I just spent 19k on an Amazon Echo Studio. After I had spent about 28 on Polk Audio Bar last year. And both investments hit the spot and how.

Was listening to Four Seasons (Vivaldi who else) and never have the tweeters sounded more sweeter :-).

And for the few minutes of Autumn (my favorite season in Vivaldi's coup) I felt everything standstill....and the biochemicals in my head dance like fireflies.

Music....I want to listen to it for a few hours post my death too. (Remember I am a Buddhist, I believe that a few immediate hours post death matter a lot).

Really. Some of the highest points of my small otherwise inconsequential life come from Music.

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