Thursday, July 23, 2020

2866 : Art as a proxy for my values

I famously avowed not to read Pablo Neruda - because of his rape (inflicted by him) in Sri Lanka. Something in me does not want to support an artist who disrespects women.

But then.....I still read/adore Salman Rushdie.

If you believe Padma Lakshmi's versions - then Rushdie is an archetypical abusive male. (Not raping, ....but he treats his partners unequally).

Get the drift.....we are now on shifting sands? Agreed?

And then comes the big bugbear of Carnatic Music - which is essentially oppressive in its roots. Don't mistake me, I love the music, but as TM Krishna often correctly highlights, Carnatic is nothing but a Brahmanical pulpit.

Versus, Hindustani Music - which is still very democratic....or Jazz - which literally emerged out of African American streets.

As this germ continues to niggle me - I must admit that my admiration for some of my favorite Carnatic Artists continues to falter.

Am I being too puritanical? Or too convenient? Making virtues of my necessary choices? How empty is the vessel that judges art on his/her values?

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