Wednesday, July 08, 2020

2860 : An atheist's dilemma

I am Buddhist who is also an atheist :-). See how confused my life is :-).

Here is my fundamental dilemma.....Let's say I die next minute of a massive stroke (let's call this as T=1). 

If we were to look at all my critical indicators (blood, sugar, oxygen......and all of that) T=0, and if you were to compare it to my T=1 similar bet is there will be not be an indicator for my "death".

So who or what decided that I should die at that very minute? Why not 5 mins earlier or later?

In a deterministic world - someone/something must be taking this decision. And this decision must be based on something.

Take another example....I am sitting in my living room. And there is a sitting stool at the other end of the room. The leg cracks and falls off.

And I am startled by the loud sound and the breakage.

Who or what decided that this was the exact time for the stool to crack.

If the world is deterministic (as physics more and more believes at a macro level)....then how come this comes across as randomness.

We can model this in terms of a probability cloud, or we can model this on entropy momentum.....but seems like hocus locus, right? Something intuitive seems off.

So who or what decides. Is that dear God?

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