Wednesday, June 10, 2020

2835 : Reading list 2020 : #9 All is Song by Samantha Harvey

You read great books and then you read books which you will never fall out of love. All is Song is quite a stunner. 

A fascinating exploration of what it is to be "yourself" in this maddeningly fast world. Distinctly personal, and hugely disruptive. There will be so many times you will shut the book and think - hit by some thought which shakes your foundation.

The dialogues between characters in Samantha Harvey's book are almost ethereal. A skill which Ayn Rand had too. Its just that Miss Harvey is contemporary.

This book is 18 on a scale of 10. Its a book I shall read every year.

Absolutely go pick it, and if you are my friend, ping me - seriously!! and I shall send over the copy.

Brings my 2020 reading total (at 288 pages) to 2838 pages.

Totally smitten :-)

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